How to Use SnapStream to Snap and Respond to Live Tweets

[ This feature has been discontinued ]

For nationally syndicated TV shows, you can use SnapStream’s Twitter feed to view TV and Twitter side by side. On any tweet, "snap” to that point in the show and you’ll get to view the context, based on the timecode of the tweet and the broadcast itself.

Reply to tweets about the show directly from SnapStream. To boost engagement you can include TV clips, TV screenshots and animated GIFs in your reply!

To see a Twitter feed of tweets about the show, click the “Tweets” tab on the web player. (Note: The tweets tab is available for in-progress recordings and for up to three hours after the initial airing.)

The twitter feed will be populated by tweets about the show currently being watched. A time-stamp on each tweet will show you at what time the tweet was sent. To “snap” to the moment in the show when the tweet was sent, click “Snap”. Playback will restart at the exact time the tweet was sent.

To respond to a tweet, click the “Respond to Tweet” button.

SnapStream will automatically add the respondents username and any mentioned usernames to the Tweet field.

SnapStream allows you to easily respond with a clip, screenshot or an animated GIF from a show in progress directly from the tweet tab. Click the “Image” button to attach a screenshot of the show to the tweet.

This how-to document applies to versions 6.4 and higher

Eric Cohn

Customer Success Specialist