How to Use the SnapStream Program Guide

The SnapStream Program Guide makes scheduling your recordings as easy as setting your home DVR. Schedule recordings from the program guide, based on specific episodes or channels. You can even set up 24-hour-a-day recordings on your SnapStream in one click!

Click on “Program Guide” to bring up the web interface program guide.

The web interface program guide has the following controls:

Drag the program guide using the mouse, or scroll using the keyboard's arrow keys.

Use the < and > keys to jump left and right in time

Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to jump up and down in the channel list

Click on a cell in the program guide to bring up the show details and recording options

If you are not currently recording the show that you’ve clicked on, you will be given the following options. You can also see these options by right-clicking on a cell.

Watch Live TV: Starts a Live TV session on this channel

Record this episode: Schedule only this episode for recording

Record all episodes: Schedules all episodes for recording

Record all new episodes: Schedules recordings of only episodes marked as New in the Program Guide

Record all episodes at this time: Schedules daily recordings only at the time selected.

Record everything on this channel: Records all scheduled shows on this channel.

If you have already set up a recording for that show you will have the following options:

Watch Live TV: Starts a Live TV session on this channel Watch recording:

Watch Recording: Watch the recording from the beginning of the broadcast

Stop this recording: Stop recording the the current show

Extend this recording: Extend the recording time of the current recording past the time listed in the guide

Stop trying to record this channel: Stop recording shows from this channel

View and edit details: View the recording job and edit the job

Create a new workflow for this job: Create a workflow for this recording

Conflicts: See any recording conflicts for this job

Upcoming: See upcoming recordings for this job

Recent: See recent recordings for this job

This how-to document applies to versions 6.4 and higher

Eric Cohn

Customer Success Specialist