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Distribute TV across your Organization

SnapStream IPTV: Distribute TV across your Organization
Easy to use

Easy to use:

The easiest way to distribute live or recorded TV on your network. View all your channels from a custom TV guide.

Custom content

Custom Content:

Stream studio feeds or upload your own content for on demand or live viewing.

Live TV

Live TV:

Multicast live TV broadcasts to unlimited offices in your organization on Mac, PC or TV.

Recorded TV

Recorded TV:

Schedule recordings to a centralized DVR. Give everyone their own DVR functionality.

Case Studies

Oct 25, 2017

Analyzing Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College

“It enables us to be spontaneous and dynamic. I can perform an ad hoc search, create a clip on the fly, and pull it up in class."
Paul Niwa - Graduate Journalism Professor

How Emerson College is able to capture, search and view live TV in the classroom >>

Explore Searching TV
Nov 10, 2017

Expanding TV Research Capabilities at Indiana University

“It’s essentially the world's largest DVR but with a search engine”
Sharon Mayell - Assistant director - Institute for Communication Research

How researchers at Indiana University search through 800+ TV episodes in seconds >>

"Excellent customer service and reliability of the appliance."
- Media Specialist, University of Hawaii

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Conference room

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Banks of DVRS

SnapStream IPTV Setup

SnapStream IPTV Setup

Analyzing Broadcast Journalism


SnapStream provides the Department of Journalism at Emerson College with the ability to capture, edit and view live TV in the classroom, access to a vast archvie of TV news broadcasts and is a valuable tool for media research and content analysis.

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