It’s Apple Announcement Day, and You Betchya We’re Watching

It’s that special time of year again at SnapStream. No, I don’t mean Christmas, Flag Day, or even Talk Like a Pirate Day. I mean, Apple Product Announcement Day.

The Tradition

Going on three years now, we’ve celebrated in a very specific way.

The week before, with all of the scuttlebutt flying around the office, everyone carefully considers their position on each rumor so they can make their predictions.

Before the meeting, we take orders for Jimmy John’s sandwiches and then fire up the big ol’ conference room projector.

As the presentation starts, we lock in our final guesses for what will transpire. The wagers are only for in-office bragging rights, but still, if you get it right, that’s six months of glory, until the next event.

Of course Apple doesn’t live stream the actual video, so instead we pull up the live blog from Engadget, Mac Rumors or Gdgt. Those in the know will also bring a laptop or two and try to hit F5 quicker than the main machine, thus beating everyone else to the punch by four or five seconds. As the presentation goes on, we do our best Steve Jobs impression of how we’re going to “love it” and about how “revolutionary it is.” Here’s hoping that Tim Cook rocks it Barnum-and-Bailey style and gives us a good circus.

Apple Announcement Day at SnapStream

So what do we expect for today? Well, there’s even money on iPhone5 alone vs. iPhone5 + 4s getting announced. Sprint support seems to be a given. Other than that… it’s all up in the air, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

If this sounds like a supersized DorkFest(TM), you’re right… but it’s also quite fun… and just another reason why I love working at SnapStream.