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Read how SnapStream helps POLITICO break news lightning-fast, beat the competition, and add context to their high quality reporting.

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When Context and Accuracy Matters

People believe what their eyes see.

SnapStream's powerful search capabilities allow you to find the exact television moments that power your reporting and storytelling. Our simple workflow lets you Tweet those clips or use them as a part of your published story in moments.

“Finding the actual important moments for breaking news and for providing more context in a real-time fashion would be impossible without SnapStream.”
—Brook Minters, Executive Producer of Video at POLITICO

Break news first, break news everywhere

Our workflow lets you quickly find and share video clips to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. SnapStream helps ensure that you're leading the narrative when a story hits and that you reach your audience wherever they are.

Turn hours of video into meaningful stories

SnapStream provides a powerful search tool so that you can break through the chaos to find the moment you're looking for across your recorded content. Search helps you create the context and accuracy needed when reporting an impactful story.

Collaborate with others more easily

SnapStream offers an easy to use experience so producers, editors, reporters, and video engineers can seamlessly work together to quickly create video content that powers your news stories.

Unburden IT and streamline your work

SnapStream Cloud offers an end-to-end experience to find, clip, edit, and publish clips. It also integrates with popular services, such as Dropbox and Sony Ci, easily fitting your workflow. Your IT and tech teams don't need to spend much time integrating SnapStream, so you and your team can get up and ready quickly.

Using search to find the right moment

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