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Share TV to Twitter & Facebook from Anywhere

SnapStream is used by social news and entertainment organizations like Politico, Talking Points Memo, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, & newsy.

Watch recorded TV

Record TV:

Schedule & record shows to a centralized DVR that can be accessed by everyone on your team.

Search TV

Search TV:

Creating a montage of TV clips? Use closed caption search to find the exact phrase you're looking for.

Multicast live TV

Create Clips:

Instantly create clips from live or recorded shows, directly from your browser. Download & edit or post directly to social.

TV to Facebook

TV to Facebook:

TV clips posted to Facebook are automatically uploaded with closed captioning.

Live Tweet

Live Tweet:

Post GIFs, images, & video clips from live TV to Twitter in realtime for increased engagement.

Access SnapStream in the cloud

Access Anywhere:

With SnapStream Cloud, you can access SnapStream from anywhere to search, clip, & share TV on-the-go.

"We're using SnapStream to transform the way we do social."
"We find the most compelling TV news nuggets."

Wondering How Much?

SnapStream starts at $2,499 + $99 / month. We'll email you a detailed pricing PDF:

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