"The product is very good and the support team is amazing."
- Heather Doyle, CBS
"Pretty close to perfect. Overall my experience has been positive."
- Arch Embler, Guilford County Sheriff NC
"Nothing else like it and the system has been running for 5 years without any major issues."
- Joe Gambrell, Tampa International Airport

April 8-11 2019 | South Upper Hall, Booth SU9802 | Las Vegas Convention Center

SnapStream 9.2 NEW
(March 2019) SnapStream 9.2 introduces proxy file generation & playback, automatic transcript generation (beta), video thumbnails in the Library, closed caption display, digital signage on SnapStream TV Set-Top Boxes, plus many more new features.

SnapStream for TV Monitoring & Compliance NEW
(February 2019) See SnapStream's TV logging, monitoring & compliance features at NAB 2019 (Booth #SU9802). Complete Volicon replacement solution. Ingest full transport streams with real-time proxy generation. And monitoring of SCTE-35 messages, CALM audio monitoring, Nielsen audio watermarks and more.

"It cuts our production time down by about 60 or 70 percent."
Daily Show logo
"It helps us quickly search TV for ideas and share them with the writing team, to build meaningful comedic responses."
"We're using SnapStream to transform the way we do social."
"We find the most compelling TV news nuggets."
"We see it live and we immediately jump into SnapStream. It goes straight to Twitter from there in seconds."
"With SnapStream, we can get a video or GIF from TV to Twitter and Facebook in 19 seconds. Before implementing SnapStream, it took 45 minutes."

Thank you New York!
We hosted our first SnapStream User Conference, in New York on Feb 2, 2018, and it was a great success. Thanks to our speakers, including The Daily Show, CBS, ABC and Condé Nast and to everyone that attended.



We’re how they find the perfect TV clips for every joke

SnapStream TV monitoring


SnapStream DVR

Record lots of TV. We’re like a DVR on steroids

SnapStream Express

SnapStream Express

Compact, affordable local appliance.

From $2,499 + $99/mo

SnapStream Cloud

SnapStream Cloud

Access anywhere, less local hardware.

From $2,000+ $400/mo

SnapStream Server


Enterprise-class, scalable, unlimited users.

From $5,000 + 15% annual service

SnapStream 8.2 logo

New: SnapStream 8.2

Zoomable trackbar, watermark social posts, integrated channel changing (SnapStream Encoder) and more.
Learn more 

St Louis Blues logo

St. Louis Blues Social TV

5/4/16 - The NHL team is live-tweeting GIFs to score big social engagement with SnapStream.
Learn more

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