Miami PD monitors news 24-7 with TV Search

Miami PD monitors news 24-7 with TV Search

Webinar Feb. 23 @ 3:30 p.m. EST

While Miami is known for its glamorous yet tropical lifestyle, here’s something you probably didn’t know: the city’s police department is serious about monitoring television. Our veteran sales engineer, Tom Wilson, discovered how quickly things heat up inside Miami’s police force during a recent Lunch ‘n Learn for the PIOs of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

During Tom’s training meeting with the Miami Police Department, a shooting incident rapidly escalated at a nearby hotel. Unfortunately, this event cut the meeting short. But on the bright side, Tom scored a front-row seat to observe the organization’s media response tactics.

As a tsunami of calls and e-mails flooded in from CNN, Fox News and the local affilites, Miami PD’s PIO Commander, Delrish Moss, responded to the frenzy of reporters with meticulously crafted word choice.

During a 30-minute timespan, the department received about 20 to 30 phone calls, not to mention e-mails and cellphone calls from TV stations and the Associated Press wanting to unearth more information.

“The reporters were relentless with their questions,” Tom marveled. “But Delrish Moss only told them exactly what they knew, nothing more.”

About 30 minutes later, Tom observed PIO Kenia Reyes live on the scene via the local news broadcast. Initially, Kenia described the people shot as “victims.” Naturally! But it later turned out, the shooting transpired out of a drug deal gone awry. So upon gleaning this, they had to retract the word “victim.” Sounds like a primetime episode of CSI Miami, right?

Managing a chain of rapidly unfolding events across news streams, Miami PD was able to keep tabs on 10 news channels with the SnapStream Server, which digitally records and archives TV to make it searchable and clippable. Intrigued to learn more? We knew you would be.

On Wednesday, February 23 at 3:30 p.m. EST, we’re taking you to Miami—virtually—for a webinar!

“Miami PD monitors news 24-7 with TV Search”

You’ll learn how Miami PD uses SnapStream to:

• Search TV by keyword
• Record multiple channels concurrently
• Create and pass along TV clips (e-mail, streaming, etc.)
• Download transcripts
• Archive recordings
+ more!


William Moreno, Public Information Officer
City of Miami PD

Napier Velazquez, Public Relations Specialist
City of Miami PD

Tom Wilson, Senior Sales Engineer
SnapStream TV Search