New in 5.8! Share TV clips everywhere with cloud sharing

Share TV clips in the cloud

Search, play, clip and share. It’s one of the most popular TV monitoring routines. In the newest release of SnapStream, we set out to perfect the “share” step, to improve the workflow of sending and receiving TV clips.

It’s all about sharing in the cloud today, from Facebook photos to Google Docs. So yes, we jumped on the bandwagon, okay? We have embraced the cloud. We’re proud of the cloud.

In 5.8, cloud sharing makes it easy to pass along TV clips to anyone, anywhere. It’s particularly useful for sharing with non-SnapStream users or with colleagues located remotely. Here’s how it works:

1. Find a clip to share

From the TV library, grab the clip you want to send. Click “Share Clip.”

Share TV clips with cloud sharing

2. Add recipients

Who’s it going to? Type in one or more email addresses, include a brief message, and hit send.


Add recipients

3. The clip enters the cloud

SnapStream kicks off some quick transcoding behind the scenes as it uploads the clip to its privately-hosted cloud. The upload will complete as fast as your Internet connection will allow.

Play clips from any device, anywhere.

4. Ding! It’s ready

SnapStream delivers a simple email with a link to play. Since the clip lives happily in the cloud, no email attachments are involved. This nicely circumvents any worries about file size limits or spam filters; another reason why cloud sharing is so practical.

Click to play. No email attachments.

5. Watch clips anywhere

All clips play universally from any computer or mobile device: iPhones and iPads; Android phones and tablets; Windows Phones; Etch-a-Sketch* devices; Blackberry phones. Cloud sharing works seamlessly across all of these channels to deliver a true solution for portable, remote sharing. Closed captioning support varies by device.

* Only select models.

Watch TV clips anywhere, on any device

Want it? Get cloud sharing, free.

We love adding value to SnapStream, and passing it along to you. So we’re making cloud sharing FREE for all enterprise users. Sharing is caring, so do it in the cloud.

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