Release Notes 21.4

New Feature

SnapStream is excited to announce that the 21.4 release includes a limited beta of our newest feature – streaming channels. Record from more than 20 streaming channels with a single click. All with transcripts. Watch, search, clip, and publish from sources like ABC News Live, CBSN, Newsmax, Newsy, and Bloomberg for even more real-time news research, publishing, and analysis. Apply for your spot in the limited beta now.

Bug Fixes

  • S3 folder bug fixes
    • Fixed issues with subfolders contained in S3 paths
    • Files with proxies are playable after being moved to S3
    • Can now create bookmarks for items stored in S3 folders
    • Can edit transcript of items stored in S3 folders
    • Can download VTT files from S3 folders
    • Items transcoded to S3 are now playable
  • RTMP Automatic recordings has been fixed
  • Live transcribe now works for all AWS regions
  • Fixed user survey appearing constantly for certain users
  • Task failures and recording problems due to port exhaustion is fixed

***Periscope Update***
Periscope support has been removed because it has shut down. All references to Periscope in the UI have been removed.

Need help? Have questions?

You can submit support a ticket or start a chat at We’re also available by phone at 877.696.3674 or +1.713.554.4560.