Release Notes 9.6

New Features

  • Audio Stream Recording, Playback and Clipping


  • Improved Twitter Error Handling
  • Reconnect Streaming Transcribe Dropouts


  • Fixed – Improperly displaying “You have used 0 out of 0 available Live Transcription minutes.”
  • Fixed – 24×7 recordings made with 30 minute blocks are reacting poorly to daylight savings time.
  • Fixed – Safari: “Prefer closed captions and SDH” toggle shouldn’t be required to view captions in video.js
  • Fixed – Switching file formats with watermark, clears the watermark field incorrectly
  • Fixed – “Federation Playlists” appears in the library sidebar when Federation isn’t enabled
  • Fixed – Clip points aren’t valid after changing channels
  • Fixed – HLS EXT-X-MAP tag is being ignored
  • Fixed – Not all links to Slack channels are captured in the permalinks on notification popups
  • Fixed – Allow recording from stream URLs up to 2048 chars
  • Fixed – Unable to transcode files on S3 on a cloud system
  • Fixed – Social posts have wrong aspect ratio
  • Fixed – Player is opening too big/wide and controls are pushed off the bottom of screen
  • Fixed – Web Player Transcript stops highlighting and scrolling properly with neighbors loaded


  • Fixed – Some clips would not playback on Safari 13.1.2
  • Fixed – Prepared tweets were failing with a nullreference exception
  • Fixed – AWS transcode failure on Cloud for non US region instances
  • Fixed – AWS Transcode stripped the audio out of large clips
  • Fixed – Improved error display when attempting to stream incompatible files to Periscope
  • Fixed – Viewing In-Progress Recordings on Chrome for iPhone results in constant spinny circle

Need help? Have questions?

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