SnapStream gets namecheck’ed at Republican tech event

In this article on by Christopher Beam, it’s mentioned that SnapStream got a nice shout-out at the Republican Party’s Tech Summit last week:

A woman named Carrie Pickett says Republicans should get hip to SnapStream, a program that lets you flag and record anything that appears on TV, like Google news alerts for video. So anytime a candidate is mentioned, they automatically have the footage.

Our product saw a bit of usage in this last election cycle, including now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and popular blogs “The Jed Report” and “Daily Kos”, so it’s cool to see that the word is spreading.

But I have one question… who is Carrie Pickett? I’d love to know where she heard about us — if you know who she is, please e-mail me or leave a comment here. (Yes, this feels a bit like a Craigslist Missed Connection).