SnapStream mention on This Week in Tech (TWiT)

This Week in Technology (TWiT)

Cool! SnapStream’s TV search technology got a nice mention on the popular podcast “This Week in Tech (TWiT)” (link) yesterday.

You can find the episode here and the mention is at the 1 hour, 16 minutes, 35 second mark (1:16:35s).

Here’s a transcript of the mention:

Leo Laporte: You know who does that so well is the Daily Show? I don’t know who they’ve got as their librarian or their editors.

Dwight Silverman: SnapStream, they’re using a company called SnapStream based here in Houston.

Leo Laporte: Really?

Dwight Silverman: Yeah, that basically does contextual searches within video.

Leo Laporte: Because they can find anything. I mean they’ll pull up… in real-time almost. They’ve got a clip reel on the daily show and it’s just amazing.

Dwight Silverman: Yeah it’s a great company, they’ve been around for a long time. They started out with a product that was similar to TIVO for PCs. They got out of the consumer market… Beyond TV is what’s it’s called.

Leo Laporte: Oh yeah, I remember that.

Dwight Silverman: They’ve kind of moved out of the consumer market and are selling this technology to companies like the Daily Show.

Leo Laporte: So… is it done automatically by computers or they have humans tagging it?

Brett Larson: They could be taking in the closed captioning and marrying it to the video stream.

Leo Laporte: Ah clever. Clever, clever.

And thanks to Dwight Silverman for mentioning SnapStream. Purva Patel at the Houston Chronicle wrote a story about SnapStream’s win at the Daily Show, if you want to read more about it.

And if you’re new to it, you can learn more about SnapStream’s TV search technology here.