SnapStream, Official Volicon Transition Partner, Launches Its New Monitoring & Compliance Product

SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance builds on the company’s more than 10 years of experience with hundreds of customers and its recent takeover of end-of-life Volicon from Verizon Digital Media Services.

New York, NY, Oct. 16, 2019SnapStream, a Houston-based software company, launched SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance today at NAB Show New York, adding a new offering to its TV recording, searching, and clipping products that are already used by hundreds of customers.

The launch of SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance follows SnapStream’s agreement with Verizon Digital Media Services in April 2019 to be the official Volicon transition partner. Since then, more than 100 Volicon customers have transitioned their support to SnapStream Support.

The launch of SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance is the next phase of SnapStream’s successful takeover of Volicon. SnapStream’s new product has all of the core monitoring and compliance features:

“The SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance launch builds on our depth of experience and extends SnapStream into an exciting new market,” said SnapStream founder and CEO Rakesh Agrawal. “The amazing SnapStream team is what differentiates us—from our engineers, who build user experiences that save our users time, to our support team, who deliver on a high standard for responding to customers and resolving issues, to our customer success team, who deliver the best on-boarding experience.”

“I have gotten to know SnapStream really well through the Volicon transition process and they have all the key ingredients to pick up where Volicon left off: SnapStream has excellent management, engineering, and support, and SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance is built on a strong technical foundation that’s been in use for over a decade,” said Gary Learner, cofounder of Volicon.

SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance is an ideal solution for local TV stations and local TV station groups, broadcast networks, cable networks, and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs). SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance has several key differentiators from other products on the market:

Those who are interested can be among the first to see SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance at NAB New York 2019, or can contact SnapStream to learn more.

Press can contact to learn more.

About SnapStream 
SnapStream is a Houston-based technology company that enables organizations to record, clip, share, and monitor broadcast TV and live video. With SnapStream, users can choose to do everything from instantly capturing, creating, and sharing video clips and GIFs to social media, to monitoring their feeds for regulatory and business-mandated compliance. SnapStream’s hundreds of customers include The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, CBS, Major League Soccer, Talking Points Memo, and Politico.

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