SnapStream Release 22.1

At SnapStream, our mission is to help you harness the power of moments so you can better communicate with your audience and form deeper connections. Our team has been hard at work improving the core of the SnapStream experience (and building a few new things too). The 22.1 release of SnapStream includes enhancements to the web player, transcripts, and the SnapStream homepage as well as some exciting new transcription features.

Web Player & Transcript Redesign
We have redesigned the video player with user-friendly controls that more closely follow standard media players.

user-friendly controls that more closely follow standard media players
Transcripts in SnapStream have also been improved. New text resizing options and responsive text selection make it easier than ever to find the precise moment you want to clip.


Generate Platform-Wide Transcriptions
Go beyond closed captions by generating transcripts of your live streamed events, caption-less recordings, and video files you upload into SnapStream. Your SnapStream Cloud includes 10 hours of transcription per month. Please contact us if you need additional hours.


SnapStream Homepage Redesign
The homepage has been redesigned to save you time by displaying your latest recordings and clips without having to navigate to the Library or Guide. Also on the homepage, we now display helpful metrics for “clips created by me” and “clips created by my organization” in the last 30 days.

find clips you've made as well as clips from your organization


New: Create Alerts from Search
You can now create an alert from any keyword search within SnapStream. Simply click the “Create an Alert” link at the top of the search results page to configure and save an alert for your search term.

create alerts in SnapStream from keyword searches


Register to attend a webinar on April 7 at 11:00am ET with Rachel Bodnar (our new Product Manager 🥳) and Benny Bowden from our product team when they’ll demonstrate how to navigate the home page and use the clipping controls. They’ll also share future roadmap plans and answer any questions you have about this or upcoming releases. You can view the full release notes for 22.1 in our Support Center.