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It's a snap for media professionals to search, monitor, verify, research, review, edit, clip and publish newsworthy content in seconds.

“Finding the actual important moments for breaking news in a real-time fashion would be impossible without SnapStream.”

Brooke Minters, Executive Producer


Discover meaningful content & create engaging clips your audience will love

Setup your library

Easily record and archive single TV shows or entire channels 24/7. Connect up to 100 channels. Access your library anywhere, anytime.

"If I get a call from a reporter at ABC asking about something that was said on another network in Austin, I can immediately pull it up in SnapStream, see what was said 10 minutes ago and get back to the reporter very quickly with a response.”

Keith Reeves, Manager at Austin 6

Search inside TV

Search your TV library  for the exact mention in the show, based on the closed captioning. Instantly find a needle in a haystack with our AI-powered technology. Some of the key features include:

Search TV in real time
Find results faster with filters
Search thousands of hours
Get alerts on your keywords

Clip and share

Quickly grab a video from live or recorded TV.  Clip it, edit and add branding. Create powerful workflows: export to Dropbox, Vimeo and more. Share it on social media.

Collaborate with the team
Build complex flows with API
Set user permissions
Track engagement

Boost engagement by posting to social before anyone else

Speak to our a dedicated experience manager, let us help you find a solution that seamlessly integrates with your business

SnapStream empowers world’s best editorial and content production teams

Content analysis, fact-checking and rapid response for journalists

Advocacy, research, and rapid response.

Content discovery, social media content production

Media monitoring and public information management

“Our experience is incredible. They are always on top for training, support and troubleshooting.’
“We seamlessly integrated our system with SnapStream API and made it easily accessible for our analyssts.”
“Before SnapStream it was expensive – lots of labor to make recordings, cuts...
and it was too time consuming too.”
“The bottom line is that SnapStream has made it easier and faster for us to get our content out to our audience.”