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How SportsNet New York Simplified and Accelerated its TV Clipping Process with SnapStream


SportsNet New York implemented SnapStream to empower everyone at the company to find TV clips quickly and easily without special technological expertise. With SnapStream in place, all recorded content is searchable and can be accessed from any workstation. SnapStream is considered a “game changer” and “one of the best tech investments ever made” at SNY

The Challenge

As a regional sports network, SportsNet New York is the television home of the New York Mets and New York Jets and airs a variety of sporting events and commentary shows throughout the week.

As a video content company, SNY needed a fast and easy way to record their own channel and other relevant content, search efficiently, find clips and share them with various stakeholders such as network executives, advertisers and on-air talent.

The process of finding the right clips was extremely time consuming. SNY used a Mediaproxy server to record all its content, but that video quality was low and the content wasn’t easily searchable. Employees had to spend hours reviewing various shows to find the right moments for clips. Then, in order to share it, they had to use their AVID NewsCutter program to create high-resolution clips, edit them and export them. It was a cumbersome process that SNY IT Director Gil Santana called “out-of-this-world bonkers.” Only a few people knew how to do it. Employees from the C-suite, sales, marketing, the newsroom and production that needed clips leaned on the small group of editors and media managers to provide the content, which created more work for them. When guests came on a show and wanted a clip of themselves, the archivist had to take time away from his day-to-day tasks to create them.

“Our previous workflow for creating clips was out-of-the-world bonkers” – Gil Santana (IT Director)

The Solution

In 2015, The Systems Group (now part of Diversified) encouraged Santana to look at SnapStream as way to improve this workflow. After reading about how The Daily Show uses SnapStream and seeing a demo of the product, the decision to purchase was relatively easy because the benefits were so obvious.

In late 2015 SNY installed a four-channel 20 TB SnapStream Enterprise server. The system is fed from the in-house custom QAM feed and recordings are made as MPEG-2 and then transcoded to H.264.

Users at SNY have access to SnapStream on their workstations (PC or Mac) and on their mobile devices. SnapStream works natively in any browser and on all types of devices making access a breeze. Additionally eight SnapStream TV Set-Top Boxes were deployed in large conference rooms and in the offices of the C-suite so executives can even access SnapStream on large TVs.

The Result

SNY has been using SnapStream since 2015, and the company has saved hundreds of hours of time. With SnapStream, SNY has been able to:

Create a searchable database of the network’s video content.

More than 18 months’ of SNY content is now stored on its SnapStream, and new video is added every day. More than half of the company’s 130 employees use SnapStream on a daily basis, and SnapStream’s Search capability has made it extremely easy to find the clips they need instantly.

Empower any employee to quickly create and share video clips.

Instead of a few specially trained editors being able to create video clips, now anyone can do it – and in a few seconds instead of hours. Ad sales can pull clips of every mention of various advertisers so those clients can see their investments at work. Directors can review and share feedback on content with the producers. On-air talent can look back at their work on a regular basis. Producers can provide courtesy clips for celebrity guests. Management can analyze content for mistakes, grammatical errors or other issues. The digital marketing team can pull clips for social media posts or the company website.

Clipping tools available on any device, even mobile.

Adding to the speed and convenience is SnapStream’s mobile capability, which enables users to search for content, create clips and send them directly from their mobile phones or tablets. In the past, they would have had to call someone at a physical PC, have them find the file in the NewsCutter program, upload it to a file-sharing site, create a link and then share it with the recipient. Now they can simply create the clip and share it from SnapStream. “That’s powerful,” Santana said.

“Our CEO calls it one of the best investments we’ve ever made… It was a definite game-changer for us. It’s a must-have tool for any company in the video content creation sphere.” 

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