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You’re in control, so strap in and rev your content production into overdrive with SnapStream’s
intuitive news & media video workspace. You can record and search TV moments by transcript any time, from single episodes to full series to entire channels, quickly finding newsworthy
moments you can use in a snap.


Select the TV and streaming sources you want to capture

record up to 100 broadcast television stations Record up to 100 national broadcast channels at once
Let SnapStream host and manage your TV source or choose to connect to your existing antenna, cable or TV set-top box
Record RTMP or HLS video sources, such as CNN Newsource, OTT channels, Twitch streams, and Zoom events
Archive and organize days or years of recordings in your SnapStream TV library


Use keywords to search live TV or streamed content alongside a live transcript

Generate searchable transcripts, even from live TV
Jump right to any precise TV moment with a simple click
Unlock the full value of your video library with deep search capabilities


Publish breaking news directly to Twitter and Facebook first

Easily create high quality, frame-accurate clips
Export high-quality, high-resolution clips to a variety of platforms
Not a video editor? Not to worry. Clip like a pro with our intuitive controls


Collaborate with colleagues through Slack and email and share on social media channels in a snap

Post to your social channels, including multiple Twitter accounts, using text overlays, video cropping, custom branding, GIFs and emojis
Collaborate efficiently and get editorial approvals quickly by sharing through email and Slack
With more than 20 integrations, you can integrate with your existing workflows and publish content faster

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