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Record & Clip Any Stream With Live Transcription

Expand SnapStream with Streams

Add more searchable newsworthy content to SnapStream by easily adding HLS and RTMP streams.
You can now easily add, manage , and live transcribe streams in SnapStream without going through a complicated configuration process. Streams also lets you create scheduled events to record, clip, and share important moments.

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Capture News Wherever It Is (Need to edit)

Add Streams

Add & Manage Streams

Let everyone in your organization create their own TV clips. It's easy and unlimited. Clips shared through SnapStream's Cloud are viewable by anyone, from anywhere. To really save time, let SnapStream auto-clip the topics you're tracking.

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  • Supports HLS and RTMP
  • Auto-records only when stream is on
  • No complicated configuration

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Create Events

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  • Viewable calendar of upcoming events
  • Recorded events accessible in Library
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Live Transcription

Live Transcription

  • Transcriptions created live
  • Searchable