TV coverage of the conventions (and the winner is… Hurricane Gustav!

Yesterday, I was wondering who got more national TV coverage during the Republican and the Democratic Conventions, so I decided to put the mostly-hidden graphing feature in SnapStream Enterprise through its paces.

I have a SnapStream Enterprise TV Server that records all national TV news programs (including financial news and sports news programs). I had it produce a graph of daily mentions of McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden. And then I took the graph it created (and, yes, I agree with you, our graphs are very ‘Lotus 1-2-3’ — we’re working on improving this) and added some annotations of my own:

(click to see a larger version)

My takeaways:

  • Biden’s not getting much TV coverage! He had a big spike when he was announced as the Democratic VP candidate, but he hasn’t had much TV coverage after that.
  • The Democratic VP nominee (Biden) got a bigger spike in coverage when he was announced than Republican VP nominee (Palin) did when she was announced, but…
  • Palin’s overall received more coverage than Biden (this, in spite of Biden’s 1+ week head start)
  • Obama received more coverage during the Democratic Convention than McCain received during the Republican Convention.
  • Palin and McCain have been getting almost equal mentions on TV since the Republican Convention was kicked off. In contrast Obama is getting maybe 5x more mentions than his VP candidate!
  • Finally, over labor day weekend, Hurricane Gustav killed nearly all discussion of the presidential campaigns!

So in conclusion, Gustav was the winner over the two conventions of the past two weeks! 🙂