TV Monitoring Strategies for City Public Information Offices


Because we’re founded and based in Houston, SnapStream is very excited to help sponsor the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO) 2013 Annual Conference, being held June 6 and 7 in College Station, TX.

Lunch and Learn with SnapStream

TAMIO will bring together more than 100 public communicators from cities across Texas to exchange information and ideas. In support of TAMIO’s mission, which addresses “the increasingly complex role of public information in municipal government,” SnapStream is hosting a lunch presentation on Thursday, June 6.

TV Monitoring for City Government

One of the most critical responsibilities of any public information professional is media monitoring, which largely consists of tracking television news coverage.

But hey, for a small department, TV monitoring can consume a lot of your human resources, or eat up your budget with clipping services. That’s where SnapStream’s technology provides the best of both worlds.

city government TV monitoring

Serving Texas and Beyond

SnapStream is a self-managed platform that enables PIOs to search, clip, archive and respond to TV media coverage from their computer workstations. So ultimately, less time can be spent chasing mentions and more time can be devoted to media relations and other valuable activities.

Since 2007, our footprint has expanded from the City of Houston, the City of Austin and the City of Sugar Land, to numerous cities and federal agencies throughout the United States and Canada. At TAMIO, we are looking forward to engaging with our fellow Texans, to promote smart city management and efficient TV monitoring for all.

Does your state or region have a similar type of meetup? Let us know about it: [email protected].