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TV Content Analysis & Fact-Checking for Jschools

SnapStream Edu
Stream live TV

Content Analysis:

Professors & students can analyze coverage of a topic across major networks and TV affiliates. See an example.

Watch recorded TV

TV Search:

Search TV like you search the internet. Use filters and boolean logic to narrow down results.


Coding of Transcripts:

Download transcripts for any recording made in SnapStream & eliminate labor-intensive manual processes.

TV archiving

TV Archiving:

Build a searchable digital archive to store all of your TV recordings, add storage to hold as much as you need.

Email alert

Media Monitoring:

Set email alerts for keywords to monitor mentions of your University on TV, great for your public affairs department.

Dept icon

Multi-Departmental Use:

SnapStream isn't restricted to use by just one department, there's no limit to the amount of users.

Wondering How Much?

SnapStream starts at $499 + $99 / month. Download the full pricing sheet.

SnapStream Replaces

SnapStream replaces VCRs and VHS tapes for archiving and content analysis.
See how SnapStream completely transformed the CHEER lab at the University of Cincinnati.

SnapStream replaces VCRs and VHS tapes

Analyzing Broadcast Journalism


SnapStream provides the Department of Journalism at Emerson College with the ability to capture, edit and view live TV in the classroom, access to a vast archvie of TV news broadcasts and is a valuable tool for media research and content analysis.

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