What’s New in SnapStream 6.6?

New SnapStream 6.6 is available today. Upgrade now to get your hands on these new features:

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New Twitter Updates

Twitter Native Video

We integrated Twitter Native Video into our social TV tools. Why is it so awesome? Because autoplay. TV clips and GIFs autoplay on Twitter like magic, so you get the best engagement on your content.

See Twitter Native Video in action (11 secs)

Add Meme Text to Animated GIFs

With the new ability to add meme text to your animated GIFs, your GIFs just got 100% funnier! Check out the example below with Family Feud—the Internet is teeming with memes on this show:


What if you could match Tweets with their TV moments? Click “Snap” and SnapStream will take you to the moment in the broadcast, predicted by the Tweet’s context and timestamp.

New Timecoded Tags

Tags are a useful way to label visual and non-verbal cues. Drop tags at specifc points of a TV show or a clip and they get indexed into TV search, so you can find a tagged moment at the drop of a hat.

See Timecoded Tags in action (33 secs)

New Clip Montages

Once you’ve tagged a bunch of clips, merge them into a montage—a powerful way to composite highlights on a topic from around television.

Watch this clip montage about “Marriage Equality” (47 secs)

Drop several clips into a Playlist and SnapStream produces them into a single file. Another new update: batch share segments of a Playlist with peers (via SnapStream cloud.)

New Transcode to XDCAM

SnapStream has a new ability to transcode to XDCAM, a format heavily used in broadcast. XDCAM enables a seamless export of TV recordings and clips into editing suites, like Final Cut Pro and Avid.


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