Wit and Wisdom from SnapStream’s 2013 Summer Interns

Meet SnapStream’s 2013 interns!

From left to right — Heather: I make pretty reports. Andrew: I code in flip-flops. Nick: I play with DALs. Yuva: I’m an Excel Ninja. Clint: I try to not break things.

There’s a running joke here that SnapStream somehow doesn’t qualify as a real company. They even made t-shirts that assert as much:


And, at first glance, it almost seems like it could be true.

The Un-Corporate Corporate Culture

We’re not expected to be at work by 8 a.m. on the dot, and no one will bat an eye if we wear sandals to the office. The kitchen is fully-stocked and includes essentials like candy and energy drinks—and fruit, too. There are free sessions with a personal trainer on Wednesdays, and everyone eats lunch together and jokes around on Fridays.

But don’t mistake SnapStream’s casual environment for a casual attitude. The employees here really care about what they do and recognize their contribution to the company. Further, because SnapStream is so small, even the interns are making a real, visible impact on a daily basis.

Software Developers in Training

Specifically, the three development interns learned what it takes to develop and maintain enterprise software. We assisted the SnapStream developers in a massive update of critical systems like the product’s Web interface and the company’s internal tracking system. Whether working on the back-end or on customer-facing elements, we built our software components according to modern ASP.NET MVC best practices.

Business and Marketing Masters

In comparison, the two business interns learned what goes into promoting and managing a corporate brand. We conducted analyses to determine the effectiveness of current marketing campaigns and sales promotions, and we developed tools to educate and empower our current customers. We also explored new possibilities for SnapStream, both with respect to new product capabilities and new markets.

The Real World: SnapStream Edition

During our first week at SnapStream, we were tasked with a Dance Central Dance Battle on the xBox Kinect, a required part of intern orientation.

In the end, we would argue the casual environment is an asset. Working somewhere like SnapStream gives you access to leadership that you wouldn’t have at a Big Fancy Real Company; moreover, the leadership treats you with respect, and your ideas are legitimately considered. If you have a question or a concern, you can just say it. You just find someone, ask, and get it done. There is no bureaucracy and no pretension, and the work we did actually mattered.

So, yes: even though we got to wear sandals, eat candy, and play Ultimate Football, SnapStream did show us what it’s like to work for a real company. Even better, we got to feel like a real part of that real company—even if only for three months.

We like to think SnapStream will miss us when we’re gone. (Yes, we do!)

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