SnapStream is the best-in-class solution for publishing newsworthy video in real-time. We make it easy to find, edit, and share the most important video moments to support your story and drive greater reach.

Bring Your Story to Life with Video Proof

Customers Include

Media Matters for AmericaDNCWhite HouseMLB NetworkGolf Channel

Customers Include

Find and Publish Video Fast

SnapStream ingests all your broadcast TV and other live video, generates transcripts in real-time, integrates simple clipping and editing tools and lets you quickly share to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Slack and more… all in less than 2 minutes.

TV clipping interface

Easy to Use, Easy to Teach

Explore Searching TV

“[SnapStream is the] best interface for people that aren’t technically minded. Every time I hire someone, I spend 15 minutes with them showing how to use SnapStream and then they are off to the races.”

Pat King, Executive Producer
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Pat King

Clip & Share From Anywhere

SnapStream runs in the cloud and includes integrations with 20+ cloud storage, video and social media services so you and your team can work efficiently from home or the office or even directly from your phone.

Remote access with SnapStream

Always-on Recording

The news cycle moves faster than ever and doesn't stop. SnapStream is built to record, monitor and alert 24x7 so you can get some sleep.

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