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Clips… or it didn't happen

Are you wasting time and money hosting live events?

You plan for months to host events that few attend in-person and even fewer watch live online. Is it all worth it? No! … Unless you make moments.

Use Snapstream to record and transcribe all of your live streamed events. Easily find, clip, and share video highlights live to social media and for use on your website and in newsletters.

Go viral, get noticed, and give your audiences something to talk about.

Hosts with the most 

Major organizations across industries use SnapStream to clip short-form video of their live events and make moments that go viral on social media.

World Economic Forum
Center for American Progress
Atlantic Council
US Global Leadership Coalition
Rolling Stone

Market your brand with events

Harness events to meet your business goals

Events you host should be marketing motions, not just customer service delivery. Create moments from your events to boost your brand's engagement and reach. Short-form viral video clips—and the attention and press coverage they can generate—become convincing marketing collateral that demonstrate your organization's influence.

Make your work more visible

Grow your marketing funnel

Increase your value to your sponsors

Sell more tickets and increase attendance


Make clips LIVE

Any event. Any time. Anywhere.

  1. Record live, transcribe instantly
  2. Search transcripts, grab the best clips
  3. Share in seconds, make moments go viral
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Customer testimonial

Atlantic Council Lobby

“Having the auto-transcription is really, really useful. That’s a big feature. It allows us to do things faster than we would have been able to do them before. SnapStream is also user friendly, so it’s easy to train people on it. Not everyone knows how to edit videos, and then it takes hours to upload and download. Being able to do things in real time is really amazing."

Ashley Semler
Ashley Semler

- Senior Producer, Atlantic Council

SnapStream Live Events features


Streamlined user interface

Easy to learn & teach

Empower your team to work efficiently with your live event video from anywhere—at home, in the office, or even on the go.

Side-by-side live transcript (closed captions)

AI-assisted summaries

Post clips directly to social media

Responsive mobile user interface

Illustration of a person speaking into a microphone at a computer that is transcribing what the person says. Another figure stands nearby and gestures to the computer.

Record live streams

Record and live transcribe your streams

Send a feed directly into SnapStream, whether from Zoom, OBS, Wirecast, Switchboard.Live, or another production workflow.

Record live streams using RTMP or HLS

Automatic recording—just go live

Clip video while an event is happening

Use Case - Engage audiences - Promote your brand and content undraw_stand_out_-1-oag

Apply branding

Prep your clips for primetime

Embed your organization's branding directly in your clips to ensure you get credit even when someone else shares your content.

Overlay your logo as an on-screen watermark

Add pre-roll/post-roll video bumpers

Fast! No need to use complex editing software

Use Case - Record live streams - Harness events as drivers to meet your business goals undraw_shared_goals_re_jvqd

Enhance organizational workflows

Empower people across all your teams

Get more value out of your events by making them vastly more accessible to your teams. Let users across your organization watch, search, find, and clip your events live to find and grab those golden moments themselves!

No additional cost per user

Group-based permissions and approval queues

Shared timecoded bookmarks and clips

Repurpose live clips for longer-form coverage

Reach beyond the room—and the Zoom—with your live event content

Level up your live events

Hosting events costs time and money. Increase your ROI by repurposing every last bit of your live event video content in support of your organization's editorial, marketing, or sales work. 

Build your audience and boost your brand by making and sharing meaningful moments clipped live from your events.

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