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June 2023

Selling the sizzle

How a talent agency helps thousands of clients make a splash in showbiz withLogo


A3 Artists Agency is known for fostering careers and building the personal brands of some of today’s most notable actors, writers, content creators, and filmmakers across a broad spectrum of the media industry

A3’s services include finding standout clips of their clients’ best work and turning them into promotional ‘sizzle’ reels. 

Earlier, the agency would source and record reel content manually from physical media. 

The problem? They’d do this for thousands of clients featured in movies, shows, commercials, streams, and broadcasts. 

Efficient? No. Scalable? Also no. 

“We had a DVR that recorded the show and then burned it to a DVD, which we gave to assistants to cut the scenes. They had thousands of DVDs going back a decade of different shows.” 

“We had someone manually recording screens for most of the streaming episodes. That was a very time-consuming project. We also needed a big server room with all that hardware in there.” 

Kitty Kang
Kitty Kang

- Director of IT at A3 Artists Agency

As they signed more talent and content requests shot up, A3 sought a proven SaaS solution that could: 

Record broadcasts and live streams 

A3 has 1000+ clients featured in different streams, shows, movies, commercials, and live broadcasts. 

Recording such a volume of video manually isn’t feasible. 

Generate high-quality recordings 

Existing recording tools were producing sub-par output with significant audio issues. 

These tools also needed hacks and workarounds to function adequately. 

Minimize scheduling conflicts 

High request volumes meant A3 had to manually take recording requests across competing time slots. 

Not exactly sustainable for an agency growing rapidly. 

Work remotely in the cloud 

Much of A3’s processing and storage was on-site. 

The team had bulky, expensive servers that were expensive to maintain and took up too much space.

Of course, seamless video clipping and sharing features were a given. 

The game changer?



Source Acquisition and Managed TV Hosting 

Broadcasts and live streams in the cloud? Done. 

Source Acquisition brings any stream from any source to A3’s SnapStream dashboard—on demand. 
No more hunting for videos in piles of DVDs. 

Managed TV hosting to remotely host A3’s cable boxes and facilitates their DirecTV package. 
Bye-bye cable boxes. 

“SnapStream has always been a stronghold for us. It’s a game changer, especially since its transition to the Cloud.” 

Kitty Kang
Kitty Kang

- Director of IT at A3 Artists Agency

Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 6.09.33 PM

Video clipping and sharing 

High-quality clips in seconds? Easy. 


SnapStream’s easy to use video clipping and sharing functionalities have turned A3 into a lean, mean, reel machine.

     ✅ 30+ videos clipped daily for sizzle reels 
     ✅ Quality output with shorter lead time 
     ✅ Easy social sharing for marketing A3 and their talent 
     ✅ Content management army of one

“Other agencies have a five or ten-man team to grab all the data, merge it all, and create sizzle reels. With SnapStream, we have one person who controls all content sent to each agent’s office.” 

Kitty Kang
Kitty Kang

- Director of IT at A3 Artists Agency

Recording Scheduler and Manager 

Scheduling conflicts? Gone forever. 

With 1000+ clients, A3 receives a ton of recording requests daily. 

Before SnapStream, the team took all requests via email and manually accommodated them across various time slots to avoid conflicts. 

With SnapStream’s Recording Manager, scheduling is easier than ever and conflicts are automatically resolved by the software. 

“SnapStream Cloud has made scheduling 100% easier for everybody. Now, users can log in, look at the calendar, and easily book their recording slots.”

Kitty Kang
Kitty Kang

- Director of IT at A3 Artists Agency

A3 sell the sizzle

From customers to fans!

      ✅ Sourcing? No problem: With Source Acquisition, A3 wields the power of recording any stream or broadcast—even ones that are hard to source. 

     ✅ Efficiency enhanced: A3 needs a single team member to get the right content, grab the best clips, turn them into reels, and send them to clients. 

     ✅ Adios, scheduling woes: SnapStream’s scheduling features have ended recording conflicts, which makes everyone happy! 

     ✅ Quality in, glitches out: SnapStream’s seamless TV and stream recording capabilities outshine jimmy-rigged solutions that require knowledge, technical skill, and staff time to manage. 

“I’m a huuuge SnapStream fan! 
I’d recommend it for any company like ours.” 

Kitty Kang
Kitty Kang

- Director of IT at A3 Artists Agency

A3 sell the sizzle-1

Ready to get high quality clips?

With SnapStream, A3 Artists Agency created a lean and efficient workflow for monitoring and clipping TV and streaming channels, saving a significant amount of time and resources. 

To harness the power of SnapStream for your organization, connect with us and let us help.

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