Record Everything on TV

Record 1 to 100+ TV shows at a time. Record selectively or 24/7. From antenna, cable or satellite. Set it, forget it and let SnapStream handle the rest.

SnapStream TV recording software options

Scheduling is Easy

Schedule recordings from the program guide, based on specific episodes or channels. For example: record this episode, record all episodes or record everything on this channel 24/7.

Variety of Content

Record all the channels available through your cable or satellite provider. SnapStream can ingest a variety of TV sources: traditional cable, satellite, antenna (over-the-air ATSC), QAM, ASI, IPTV, DVB-T and PAL.

Example TV channels to record
SnapStream program guide

Program Guide

Ars Technica calls it, “the most amazing TV-guide we’ve ever laid eyes on.” Grab it. Move it. It’s all interactive. Schedule recordings from here, manage conflicts, or tune in to watch live TV. Program guide data updates daily, with 2 weeks of future listings.

How to Manage Conflicts

Set Smart Priorities

Every upcoming recording job has a priority, from the #1 most critical to the least. SnapStream always alerts you of scheduling conflicts, so you can re-prioritize on the fly and keep things flowing.

How to Set Priorities
SnapStream recording priorites feature
Block based recordings feature

Recording Options

In addition to scheduling from the program guide, SnapStream has manual, time-based guide and 24/7 recording options. For example: SnapStream can record CNN 24/7 and divide that job into 1 hour blocks, resulting in individual video files.

Exclude Blocks

For 24/7 recording jobs, you can set specific hours of the day to record and blocks of time to exclude. For example: SnapStream can record MSNBC all day, but exclude the hours of midnight to 5 a.m.

SnapStream black out recording feature

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