Post TV clips to Twitter

SnapStream helps you quickly share TV clips directly to Twitter and Facebook. We integrate all of your social media accounts in one central place. Easily post animated GIFs, TV clips and images to score more engagement, and ultimately, more viewers.

Share TV on Twitter

Live Tweet TV Moments

  • Tweet and reply with TV clips, GIFs and images.
  • Add meme text on TV images and GIFs.
  • Post up to 140 sec TV clips natively to Twitter to deliver the best engagement.
How to Post to Twitter

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Tweet Animated GIFs

  • Create GIFs (up to 15mb).
  • Add meme text to your GIF.
  • Choose the resolution, frame rate and speed.
  • Share GIFs on Twitter, Tumblr and email.
  • Manage all saved GIFs in the SnapStream TV Library.
How to Make Animated GIFsSee Examples
Share TV on Twitter
Auto-complete usernames and hashstags for Twitter

Auto-Complete & Tagging

  • As you type, auto-complete suggests the right Twitter @usernames & #hashtags to tag in your posts.
  • Tagging the right @usernames and #trending topics ensures your posts perform at their best.
  • Improves accuracy & speed for live-tweeting TV (presidential debates, sports, award shows, etc.)

Social TV Dashboard

  • Easily manage all your Twitter and Facebook posts in one place, with SnapStream’s new Social TV Dashboard.
Social TV Dashboard
Approve Tweets Posts

Approval Workflows for Tweets

  • Use approval workflows to "queue" and review outgoing Twitter posts.
  • Team leaders or managers can review the the post’s visuals, edit the text, and then publish live.

Schedule Tweets

Control Permissions

  • Make an approval process for your social team with user permissions.
  • Set user permissions for who can post to Facebook, Twitter & YouTube - and in what capacity.
  • Example: Create a group for Interns and queue all their outgoing content for approval.
  • Admins can manage social content in the dashboard, ignoring any user-specific privacy limitations.
Set permissions for social

Post Performance

Twitter Performance

Cross-Post between Twitter & Facebook

Cross-post betweet Twitter and FacebookCross-post betweet Twitter and Facebook

Social TV Cheat Sheet

Social Cheat Sheet

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