Who Uses SnapStream?

Simply put, media professionals and content producers who need to quickly transform TV moments into engaging social media and video production content.

News and Digital Media

If it’s not breaking news, it’s yesterday’s news. The only way to lead the conversation is to be on the cutting edge of the news cycle, identifying and capturing high value moments as they happen, and putting them in front of the right audience, fast. SnapStream makes the process seamless, so you can break news faster with video proof that doesn’t just bolster your reputation as a media leader, but amplifies engagement and increases your followers as social media algorithms push your video content to the forefront.

Public Affairs & Advocacy

Whether you work in government, politics, or advocacy, tracking, engaging, organizing and disseminating information is your organization’s lifeblood. And every minute matters. Using SnapStream means amplifying earned media as it’s happening, posting live clips instantaneously; think of it as “Twitter to TV” in real time. And for industries like Public Affairs, the value shifts from passively sharing a story to proactively getting in front of a story, monitoring major networks 24/7 so you can control the narrative.

Universities and Higher Education

For higher ed institutions, SnapStream is a key resource for information in media analysis research and education. That’s how SnapStream earned its place on campus as an indispensable tool in Journalism schools for faculty and students alike. Professors use the platform to conduct research and teach while Journalism students stay ahead of the cultural curve, gaining an educational upper hand in critical analysis and media literacy.