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Build a Moments Strategy for your organization

In a saturated and complex media environment, attention is a scarce resource. Moments seize our attention and keep us from looking away.

Learn how your organization can build a strategy to make moments that matter and drive engagement with your content and your brand.

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How-to: Harness the power of moments

The part is greater than the whole

Prepare to leave nearly everything on the cutting room floor. A single short video clip, packaged and shared with intent and purpose as a moment, can have greater impact and deliver more value than an all-day event.

Take advantage of moments by building a strategy for anticipating, identifying, and preparing for events, making moments from them, and sharing these moments with your audiences.
Illustration of a video clip capturing a key moment in live video feed

One "wow" goes a long way

You might decide to trim a long intro and get to the point quickly. Or decide to include vital context necessary for getting the point. But clips rarely stand on their own—adding a strong caption will create a moment that gets your audience’s attention.

A video clip breaking through a cacophony of news and information

Give them something to talk about

The best-performing social media content is the most shareable. Spark a broader conversation by making moments that resonate with your followers—and their followers. Clip what matters—and convey why—and others will amplify your message.

Calendar showing a big event and video clips ready for use on subsequent days

Make the moment

As Eminem famously said about the moment, “You own it, you better never let it go.” Don’t let potential moments get lost in a long event or let others scoop you. Share clips first and get the engagement. Plan ahead to cover events and rapidly identify, clip, and make moments—in the moment.

How-to: Make moments that matter

That magic moment

All moments are unique, but to be successful in making moments, organizations should aspire to:

Be timely. Strike when the iron is hot. Don't miss your your chance to make a moment or let others beat you to it.

Be relevant. Moments tied to the day’s news or a trending topic increase the impact of your message and elevate your brand.

Spark emotion. Joy, surprise, fear, or anger—provocative moments activate our human emotions, leading to more engagement & shares.

Educate. Teach your audiences a fact that makes them go “woah.”

Entertain. Whether funny or action-packed, an engaging moment delivers amusement to seize and hold your audience's attention.

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A figure gestures at video clips and captions in a social media timeline

How-to: Write the perfect caption

The caption makes the clip

One clip can generate a multitude of moments. If there are lots of clips just like yours, it can get lost in the noise. But if you frame it as a moment that matters to your audiences, it will grab their attention, resonate with them, and compel them to react and share it on.

To increase engagement, focus on creating moments that espouse a particular point of view or editorial sensibility to stand out and add value.

How-to: Make moments a team sport

A good plan pays off

Get your talent, writers, and everyone on your production team involved in the process of planning and preparing for live event coverage.

Your future self will thank you for following these pointers:

Prepared remarks. The best way to do anything live is to do it ahead of time instead. Write material for your talent with moments in mind.

Pre-write posts. Write social texts ahead of time and be ready to clip what your talent will say. Wait for it… clip it, paste text & hit send.

Do your research. Research and reference the social media accounts of your talent to engage them and their audiences.

Repurpose everything. Use clips made by your social team to enhance written editorial coverage on your website. 

Thank your sponsors. Wow funders with what you can do by delivering them reusable digital assets before the event is even over.

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How-to: Think about metrics

Define your objective and make it happen

What are you hoping to achieve with your moments? Set an objective and focus on achievable metrics that help you gauge success. Metrics for video clips shared as moments can include reach, impressions, engagement (reactions, comments, and shares), video views, time viewed, or follower growth. Broaden your reach with new audiences while also diving deep with your hardcore fans. You'll know you've gone viral when the audience for your moments goes well beyond the audience for your brand.