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Product Features

A focused product that can do most anything

That's right—SnapStream lets you have your cake and eat it too.

Yes, we are best-in-class for the cutting-edge use case of live video clipping, but SnapStream also acts as a highly capable swiss army knife for many video production and storytelling workflows.

Illustration of two figures celebrating
Illustration of a short video clip being made from a longer video timeline


Make a moment go viral

Create a compelling moment by packaging clips with your commentary

Post moments to social media platforms in seconds and in real-time

Enhance your existing internal processes with email & Slack integrations


Optimized for live clipping

Create high quality, frame accurate video clips from any live content

Transform video with cropping, watermarks, and pre-roll/post-roll videos

Push clips through 20+ API integrations with popular platforms

Illustration of video clips derived from a live event
Illustration of a search interface


Use keywords to search across all video transcripts

Live-generate English transcripts for any and all video sources

Search within a video—and set clip points—via the transcript

Unlock value from your video archive by searching across everything


Record any live video source

Record up to 100 national broadcast channels simultaneously

Managed TV Hosting manages your DirectTV subscription for you

Record Zoom webinars and internet livestreams via RTMP or HLS

Illustration of multiple video formats feeding into a browser window containing the SnapStream logo