Timing and messaging are of the essence. After all, that's how you build narratives that drive your organization's mission, champion your cause or candidate, and build your brand. That's why you need tools that make it easy for you to generate attention-grabbing, engaging digital content at scale. Keep reading to see why SnapStream's cloud-based video workspace helps power advocacy, political, and public affairs teams on both sides of the aisle.

SnapStream’s cloud-based video workspace empowers advocacy and public affairs teams to quickly and easily find, clip, and publish the exact video moments they need to build reach and reputation.

record up to 100 broadcast television stations Hit the feed first by creating and publishing clips from TV and streaming sources directly to Twitter and Facebook as they happen.
Go beyond basic clips to create GIFs, add custom branding, and more.
Monitor competitors so you can craft responses in real time.
No video editing experience? No problem. Turn anyone on your team into a video content creator in a matter of minutes.

“For organizations seeking broad audiences for their content, video is a uniquely powerful way to connect with end users and tools like SnapStream make it possible to produce short-form video content at the scale necessary to “feed the beast” and keep audiences coming back for more.”


Learn how the Media Research Center, a media watchdog organization, uses SnapStream to fulfill its mission of neutralizing media bias.

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Get insights from digital pros at Axios and ABC News, as well as 5 other experts, on how newsrooms must evolve to grow audience engagement, maximize the use of social media, build trust, and thrive.

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Are you getting the most engagement possible in your social media channels? Cozy up with a PSL and revisit the basics and best practices for optimizing your presence in each social platform.

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Hear what The Recount’s John Battelle has to say about new methods and models for short- and long-form video news storytelling in today’s digital-first, remote-work world.

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How can source bias impact the way you gain audience share and engagement online? Check out 3 key takeaways from a study conducted by Gallup and the Knight Foundation during the 2020 election.

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Get a step-by-step look at how SnapStream makes it easy to create clips and post directly to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook – all within a single interface.

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