You’re finding new ways every day to connect with your viewers, readers, and listeners. This requires a massive amount of creativity, content development, and tailoring for each digital platform. You need tools that make it easy for you to generate attention-grabbing, engaging content at scale. Keep reading to see why social media and audience engagement managers count on SnapStream's cloud-based video workspace to make rapid video creation for digital platforms a breeze.

SnapStream’s cloud-based video workspace enables social media and engagement teams to easily find, clip, and publish the exact video moments they need grow their audience, amplify engagement, and start a conversation.

record up to 100 broadcast television stations Create video clips and post directly to Twitter and Facebook within the same interface.
Go beyond basic clips to create GIFs, add custom branding, and more in a matter of clicks.
Turn live TV and streaming moments into social-ready content in a matter of minutes so your posts hit the feed first.
Give your team the power to create their own video content for social media, websites, and apps - no editing experience required.

“As further fragmentation [of the media ecosystem] occurs, it will be those outlets who nail the mix of speed, accuracy, video, and context that are most likely to win audience share.”

Neal Rothschild, Director, Audience and Growth


What are the three C’s you need to supercharge your production and content creation workflows? Grab a cup of joe (or whatever) and join SnapStream’s Sarah Eck for a quick look at ways to up your game.

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Graham Lampa of the Atlantic Council, writes about how video clips are fundamentally changing our political and cultural discourse and helping storytellers of all stripes reach new audiences.

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Take a detailed look at how WBNS-10TV, the Tegna-owned CBS affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, uses SnapStream to create and publish TV clips for the web 2x faster, with full closed captioning.

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Check out how The Golf Channel uses SnapStream to drive video distribution by enabling teams to capture, clip, and catalog TV moments for on-air video packages, social media posts, & ad verification.

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Hear what The Recount’s John Battelle has to say about new methods and models for tackling the challenges of video news storytelling in today’s digital-first, remote-work world.

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Discover insights from 7 producers, editors, and broadcast ops practitioners on how the video-driven newsroom must evolve in order to gain audience share, build trust, and thrive.

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