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Use case: Live TV - Access, watch, record, search captions, and clip

Don't just keep up with the news… drive it

Keep your organization on top of the news cycle by enabling any member of your team to watch and record across any number of channels at once. Watch and work with video in any browser, on any device, from anywhere in the world. With side-by-side transcripts, deep search, and automated alerts you won’t miss out on a moment.

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Record everything you might need

Gotta catch 'em all

Don’t miss anything by recording 24/7 on as many channels as you want simultaneously. If you’re only interested in specific shows, access the TV guide and set up one-time or recurring recordings for the programs that you care about the most. Archive and organize days or years of recordings in your SnapStream TV library or keep only what you need.

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Media monitoring

Keep an eye on everything

Stay on top of multiple channels at once by watching up to four live video inputs at once using SnapStream’s multi-viewer. When something catches your eye, focus on a single source, play its audio, rewind, and playback. Forget about needing a dedicated viewing station -- Snapstream lets you access everything from the cloud and watch from anywhere you get an internet connection.

Share knowledge quickly

Get ahead of the curve

Keep your entire organization informed about relevant happenings in the news. Search the transcript to make sure you heard it right and use Slack or email to share breaking news clips to the rest of your team to get precious minutes ahead of the competition.

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Become a trusted source

Be a news source for your audiences

Share moments that matter with your audiences that no one else has surfaced to start leading the news cycle instead of following it. Whether it’s a mention of your own brand or significant news, politics, sports and entertainment happenings that your followers will care about, clip and publish them across multiple platforms as meaningful moments.

SnapStream doesn't sleep

When you don’t want to miss a thing

Even if you close your eyes, even if you fall asleep... we’ve got you covered with Snapstream alerts. Set alerts for the keywords of topics and names you care about the most and get email notifications emails when they are mentioned across all the channels you are recording.

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Increase efficiency & effectiveness

Do more, faster

Use side-by-side live video transcripts to quickly find, clip and share news as it happens. Make clips more rapidly—and therefore have more time to make more and better clips—by quickly homing in on key words and phrases.

Managed TV Hosting

Untangle your wires

If you’ve run out of space in your server room or if you want your cable boxes out of sight and out of mind, let us help. With Snapstream’s Managed TV Hosting service, we facilitate your DirecTV package and host your cable boxes in our Houston, TX data center.

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Watch & repurpose live TV

Recording and repurposing live TV across multiple channels isn't easy, but unlike many video tools, SnapStream is easy to learn and use.

Reach out today to learn how SnapStream can enable you to record and work with live TV so your organization can not only stay ahead of the news cycle but shape it, too.

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