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We make television monitoring easy

It can be difficult to monitor all of the TV and news coverage related to your organization, but that's where SnapStream comes in and lightens the load. It's basically an enterprise DVR that lets you monitor local and national TV markets, whether you're in the United States, Canada, Australia or other international locations. Record multiple TV channels at once. Search TV by keyword to find anything said on TV. Create unlimited TV clips and share them in the cloud. It's that easy with SnapStream's television monitoring technology.

Effortless workflows for creating and sharing TV clips

SnapStream 6.2 — Released February 26, 2014

Media Monitoring Software: SnapStream 6.2 Release: One-step clipping and sharing, clip from transcript and upload to YouTube

One-step clip and share, clip from transcript, upload to YouTube

New in 6.2, SnapStream's unlimited clipping tool is more robust than ever. When creating a clip, you can directly share it in the cloud, add it to a playlist or upload it to YouTube—all in one easy step. The TV transcript is another new vehicle for making clips. By selecting a text block that represents what you'd like to save, SnapStream will clip that video segment for you. And to keep all of this great content nice and organized, we developed new TV tags to help you custom label any piece of content with searchable meta data.

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Television is intelligence

In city, state and federal government, SnapStream is a piece of television monitoring dynamite. The powerful DVR-search engine lets PIOs record and search thousands of hours of news clips on their own terms. Forget the expense of clipping fees. Plus, with built-in TV alerts, it's a snap for communications officials to share the news and take instant action.


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Television is knowledge

For K-12 schools and universities, SnapStream provides a catch-all solution to affordably bring TV to the classroom. Since SnapStream enables teachers to record and stream educational content over the local-area network, lessons can be flexibly attuned to what's timely and interesting for students. TV news monitoring is also uniquely useful for content analysis of broadcast journalism.


George Washington University Emerson College's Journalism Department: broadcast TV in the study of communications case study Tri-Rivers Career Center case study Forsyth County Schools streaming TV to the classroom case study

Television is conversation

Television writers simply love our television monitoring platform, producing comedy and talk shows with clips freshly cut from their multi-channel SnapStreams. Finding inspiration is easy: all it takes is a keyword search to plow through thousands of hours of HD-TV. We're talking serious archive depth. A few clicks later, the segment is ready for ridicule at the 2 o'clock writers' meeting.


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