As of July 1, 2021, SnapStream will no longer sell new instances of Moco. We will continue to provide full customer service and support for existing Moco customers, including technical support and bug fixes.
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Simple, Reliable, and Fully-Supported
Compliance Monitoring

Moco: Compliance Monitoring by SnapStream

Take care of all your compliance monitoring needs with Moco: Compliance Monitoring by SnapStream—all while being backed by responsive engineering and steadfast support.

Easily Monitor Your Feeds

Simplify your monitoring workflow with Moco's robust feature set, which includes everything from loudness monitoring to easy export options.

Spend Time on What Matters

Don’t waste precious time on administration headaches and interrupted compliance logs—Moco’s stable features have you covered. If you do need help, just contact our 24/7 US-based support team.

Have a Say in Your Product Experience

Give product feedback and we’ll listen—because we implement changes that fit our users' needs.

Responsive Engineering, Steadfast Support

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Enables collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate using Moco's powerful Clip and Email feature. Share TV clips with internal stakeholders, such as colleagues in the legal department, and external stakeholders, such as advertisers. 

Scale channels and storage

Scale geographically

Super Clustering allows TV station groups and national and multi-national media companies to access TV channels in different markets in a single interface.

Get notified by email

Respond to problems as they happen

Get a notification the moment there’s an issue with your video, audio, closed captioning, SCTE messages, or audio watermarks.

Customize to fit your workflow

Customize to fit your workflow

Save time by automating routine and repetitive tasks with our Workflows feature. And configure everything from single-sign on, proxy generation, and expirations settings.

Post game clips and relive winning moments

Designed for high availability

Moco "just works" which means no administration headaches or interrupted compliance logs. And if you need technical support, turn to a support team that consistently gets 95%+ satisfaction ratings.

Post game clips and relive winning moments

Seamless Volicon transition

Support for Volicon’s as-run log and Nielsen ratings XML configuration files means the transition from Volicon to Moco is seamless.

Interactive Tour & Webinars

Get a complete look at Moco
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Founders Chat

Gary Learner (Volicon) & Rakesh Agrawal (SnapStream)

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Product Tour

Moco's powerful compliance monitoring features in action

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Ask Me Anything

Making a speedy & seamless transition from Volicon to Moco

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Powerful, Intuitive Solution

Strong Monitoring Capabilities

  • Loudness monitoring
  • As-run log integration 
  • SCTE-35 monitoring
  • Nielsen audio watermark detection
  • Clear data visualization for LKFS/LUFS values and Nielsen ratings
  • Universal search of closed captioning and as-run logs

Time-Saving Features

  • Seamless transition from Volicon (support for Nielsen ratings Excel files and Volicon's as-run log import profiles)
  • Easy input setup
  • Clip and Email and other easy export options (Google Drive and more) 
  • Task automation with Workflows
  • Granular Slack and email notifications

    Personalized Product Experience

    • Accessible engineering team
    • 24/7 US-based support team
    • Customization for single sign-on, proxy generation, and expirations settings
    • Geographic scaling with Super Clustering—access TV channels in different markets with one interface

    Monitor Reliably

    “They have all the key ingredients to pick up where Volicon left off: excellent management, engineering, and support. Moco is built on a strong technical foundation that’s been in use for over a decade.”

    Gary Learner, Cofounder of Volicon

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