SnapStream Monitoring & Compliance

monitoring & Compliance

Official Volicon Transition Partner

october 16, 2019

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Compliance Monitoring

SnapStream multiviewer

Enables collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate using SnapStream's powerful Clip and Email feature. Share TV clips with internal stakeholders, such as colleagues in the legal department, and external stakeholders, such as advertisers. 

Scale channels and storage

Scale geographically

Super Clustering allows TV station groups and national and multi-national media companies to access TV channels in different markets in a single interface.

Get notified by email

Respond to problems as they happen

Get a notification the moment there’s an issue with your video, audio, closed captioning, SCTE messages, or audio watermarks.

Customize to fit your workflow

Customize to fit your workflow

Save time by automating routine and repetitive tasks with our Workflows feature. And configure everything from single-sign on, proxy generation, and expirations settings.

Post game clips and relive winning moments

Designed for high availability

SnapStream "just works" which means no administration headaches or interrupted compliance logs. And if you need technical support, turn to a support team that consistently gets 95%+ satisfaction ratings.

Post game clips and relive winning moments

Seamless Volicon transition

Support for Volicon’s as-run log and Nielsen ratings XML configuration files means the transition from Volicon to SnapStream is seamless.

Are you going to IBC 2019? Schedule a meeting with us (booth #5.C48)


OCTOBER 16, 2019


SnapStream Monitoring & Compliance


monitoring & compliance
Volicon Official Transition Partner
October 16, 2019
nab New york | booth # n228
javits center

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Broadcast Monitoring & Compliance

News: Announcing Moco by SnapStream: Compliance Monitoring

Set Up Your Inputs

  • Ingest video from a variety of sources (SDI, ASI, TSoIP, HLS, RTMP, and more)
  • Capture multiple program streams, audio languages, and closed captioning data
  • Tune inputs post set-top box with IR blasting, IP tuning, or serial tuning
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Plug-in less Player

  • HTML5 Multiviewer works in all modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, MSIE, Safari)
  • Watch multiple live or recorded programs with time synchronization 
  • Turn on on-screen audio meters (with support for multichannel audio) and closed captioning for each feed
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SnapStream multiviewer
SnapStream: Loudness compliance

Loudness Compliance

  • Analyze LKFS/LUFS values on configurable intervals based on ATSC A/85 2011, ATSC A/85 2013, or EBU R128
  • View loudness data on an interactive graph that integrates with an embedded Multiviewer
  • Generate a loudness report based on as-run log data
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Insights from 3 Industry Professionals

Learn the questions 3 broadcast professionals (one at cable company, the second at a local TV station group, and the third at an MVPD), would ask to evaluate their next broadcast monitoring and compliance solution.

Insights from 3 broadcast industry professionals
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Easy Clip & Share

  • Collaborate with a few easy clicks
  • Set your in/out points, create clips, and email those clips to internal and external stakeholders
  • Directly export clips to a variety of third-party services

Clip directly to:

  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Ooyala
  • Vimeo
  • Brightcove
  • Amazon S3
  • YouTube
  • Microsoft Azure
  • One Drive
  • Sony Ci NEW
  • NEW
Email TV clips with SnapStream
SnapStream: As-run logging

As-run Log Integration

  • Support for Volicon XML Import
  • Access as-run logs within the player, click an as-run log item to jump to that segment
  • Automatically create clips that can then be emailed to advertisers
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SCTE-35 Message Logging

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  • View SCTE-35 messages in real time or post record 
  • Jump to any date and time in question to verify that you had the right amount of splice_inserts
  • View individual SCTE-35 message details as they were in your stream—and see every field of a SCTE-35 message
SCTE-35/104 message logging
SnapStream Workflow Triggers
SnapStream Workflow Filters
SnapStream Workflow Actions


  • Save time by swiftly automating tasks
  • Set up recurring actions for certain recordings (such as exporting finishing recordings to a third-party cloud storage provider)

Super Clustering

  • Scale geographically and access TV channels in different locations in a single unified interface
  • Search, play back, clip, or compare recordings in the Multiviewer from any remote SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance instance from your local SnapStream Monitoring and Compliance system
Unified Multi SnapStream Interface
SnapStream profile settings
SnapStream input settings
SnapStream granular user permissions

Enterprise Ready

  • Proxy profiles are user configurable per input
  • LDAP (Active Directory) and SAML 2.0 (Ping, Okta) integration with granular user permissions
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Other Monitoring & Compliance Features

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  • Ratings display graph alongside embedded Multiviewer
  • Audio watermark detection and error detection
  • Closed captioning compliance 
  • Clip export with burn-in
  • Customized alerts and notifications via email or Slack 
SnapStream audio meters
SnapStream API

Customize with SnapStream's API

  • SnapStream’s API lets developers familiar with JSON Web Services deeply integrate SnapStream into your internal environment
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