First Friday Employee Feature – Abigail Adams


How did you find SnapStream?

I was hired as an accounting temp, and I actually started two weeks before the office closed down in March 2020 for the pandemic. It was kind of funny because as a temp, that was the first company that I was paired with. So I only worked for SnapStream.


What is your role at SnapStream?

My current role is as accounts receivable analyst, which means I handle all of our contracts renewals and our invoicing process. A lot of my job is behind the scenes making quotes, tracking upcoming renewals, while managing our collections process. Being a SaaS company, our invoicing process is a little bit more complex than normal, and it’s basically my job to make it all automated.

How have you grown since working at SnapStream?

Being so young, this job has taught me a lot of professionalism. Everyone I work with is so willing to teach me something, so willing to offer me insights on what we are supposed to do and not do in the industry. It’s kind of the number one thing I love about this job. I have some many willing mentors to teach me the skills that I was never taught in the classroom.

What do you like about SnapStream?

I wake up every single day happy to go talk to the people that I work with. And what we do here is very exciting, and it’s very interesting, and we’re all very quirky people. It’s fun. We have our own laughs, and we really do enjoy the journey together.


Slack is a big communication tool for SnapStream. What are your favorite fun channels?

The fitness channel is one, which I am kind of advertising that one right now. We’re really getting it started. It’s one of our SnapStream favorites as we all really get involved in the challenge and like coming up with the team names and just even submitting the actual workouts. It’s a really good time that, and I do love our wonder woman chats too with just the women. It’s good to talk amongst the tech company women that we have here.


Tell us more about the fitness challenge.

The fitness challenge is going to be all of Q2, so it’s going to go from April 1 to June 30. You submit your own workouts, and you can do it either by photo or your Apple Watch or however way you are recording your fitness, you can just submit it that way. And then you also have weekly challenges that people submit photos of that a lot of times. Aaron would try to copy the outfit of the person in the workout video, and it was great.  You get rewards, you get amazon gift cards for so many points, and we do have teams, and we have an Olympics at the end, for whatever team has the most points.


What do you like to when you’re not at work?

I am still in my Master’s at the moment, so it’s gonna be fun, but when I’m not working or in class online, I’m probably hanging out with my friends and family. We love the Houston rodeo, but we’re also really big sports fans. We love the Houston Cougars. So it’s work, school, sports, and rodeo – when I can.