How Golf Channel Employees Watch & Clip Live U.S. TV From Anywhere in the World


The Golf Channel ( has been using SnapStream to record and distribute broadcast TV at their Orlando, Florida studio since 2012. They later added SnapStream Cloud so executives and production team members could watch US broadcast feeds from anywhere in the world from any device.

The Initial SnapStream Local Appliance Purchase

With a presence in over 200 million households in 84 countries, Golf Channel is the go-to network for 24/7 golf news, tutorials, and tournament coverage. In 2012, the network recognized the need for a video distribution solution that would let all its internal teams (such as media operations, post-production, ad sales, and marketing) capture, clip, and catalog broadcast TV for use in on-air video packages, social media posts, and ad verification.

The channel’s Media Services group evaluated several TV distribution tools, but none featured the image quality or ease of use they required—until they found SnapStream. SnapStream’s reliable hardware, superior video quality, and closed captioning integration offered the perfect solution for Golf Channel’s needs—and for the past several years, the network has relied heavily on SnapStream recording devices to record, review, and distribute video content at Golf Channel studios

The (New) Challenge—Enabling Access To TV From Anywhere

While SnapStream made in-house video distribution a snap, many Golf Channel executives and on-air talent traveled internationally for tournaments, which made it difficult for the network to feed them content. Without access to SnapStream in Orlando, traveling employees were forced to watch live broadcasts at night when they aired on local TV or sit inside the network’s satellite trucks to access tournament playback. With the Open 2017 coming up, the team needed a mobile solution to watch and clip broadcast footage from any location, not just the main studio in Orlando or satellite vehicles.

The Solution – SnapStream Cloud

SnapStream’s innovative SnapStream Cloud was the perfect fit for Golf Channel’s on-the-go team. Built for on-demand access from anywhere, the SnapStream Cloud solution consists of encoders placed at the Orlando studio pushing TV streams to a SnapStream Cloud hosted at hps:// When logged in to SnapStream Cloud, users have access to the same great features that they have on the local appliance, such as live TV, a built-in DVR, closed caption-based search, clipping, and sharing from any location and on any device (laptops, iPads, iPhones, and even hotel room televisions using the SnapStream Cloud app running on the Amazon Fire Stick).

By the first tee of The Open, SnapStream Cloud was already a hit with Golf Channel. Following full configuration and training, the system was “… up and running two to three days before everything was live,” said Don Browning. “It all worked smooth as butter.” The benefits were clear:

  • 24/7 global collaboration: During tournaments, while 30-40 team members on site at the Orlando studio use the appliance, another dozen remote employees can now use the SnapStream Cloud to collaborate in real time with colleagues back at the home studio. Live directors can easily review their work and share broadcast notes—and since SnapStream clips are embedded in emails sent via the cloud, employees can use their phones or tablets to watch and collaborate.
  • Ease of use and reliability: From network engineers to on-air talent, users in every department have found SnapStream to be incredibly easy to use—and the reliability has been rock solid. “It’s a very easy product to use, and anyone can pick it up and use it. It’s straightforward and simple and reliable,” said Browning. Dustin Guest, Director of Media Operations, agreed: “It just works. It’s not very hard to keep it going. It’s a great product.”
  • Easy integration: SnapStream Cloud integrates seamlessly into Golf Channel’s existing workflow. “I was really impressed with the support we got,” said Browning.

About Golf Channel

The Golf Channel ( is an American cable and satellite television network and multimedia company that is a part of the NBC Sports Group division of NBCUniversal. Exclusive partnerships with the world’s top tours allow Golf Channel to feature more live golf coverage than all networks combined, as well as a programming schedule distinguished by golf’s highest-quality news, instruction and original content. Co-founded by Arnold Palmer in 1995, Golf Channel’s headquarters and studios are based in Orlando, Fla. Golf Channel is available in more than 200 million homes in 84 countries in 13 languages around the world through cable, satellite and wireless transmission

About SnapStream

Based out of Houston, SnapStream ( has been making broadcast TV recording, search and distribution products for over a decade. SnapStream’s diverse list of several hundred customers include: almost all the talk shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert; TV networks such as CBS, NBC, Golf Channel, MLB TV, and others; News/Entertainment brands such as BuzzFeed, Politico, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, Vox, and Slate; sports leagues and teams such as several NFL, NHL, MLS teams, The PGA Tour, Major League Soccer, The LPGA, NASCAR, WWE; the US Senate; the Library Of Congress; and many others.