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  • Agreement: SnapStream has entered into an agreement with Verizon Digital Media Services to be the official transition partner for the end-of-sale Volicon Observer broadcast monitoring and compliance product.
  • SnapStream to provide Volicon support: SnapStream will take over offering support to Volicon customers. Volicon users with active support contracts can (and should) assign their support contracts to SnapStream.
  • SnapStream to offer Volicon support into 2020: SnapStream will provide Volicon customers with further support into 2020 (this is also available to Volicon customers without an active support contract).
  • Transition to SnapStream (optional): SnapStream already has most of the capabilities of Volicon in a local appliance and cloud product and we're aggressively building our compliance and verification features.


How will this all work?
Step 1: Consent to assign your existing Volicon support contract to SnapStream
Step 2: Purchase a SnapStream Volicon support plan (offered into 2020)
Step 3: Contact SnapStream for your Volicon support

SnapStream Volicon transition

Why is SnapStream supporting the Volicon Observer product?
Effective in January, Verizon Digital Media Services announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life for the Volicon Observer appliance-based product line. To ensure continued support for Volicon Observer users, SnapStream has agreed to assume ongoing support of the Volicon Observer product.

SnapStream has completed comprehensive Volicon Observer training and is able to offer Volicon customers a dedicated support team available by phone, email, or on-site.

SnapStream will have access to customer’s configuration information and technical support case history for those who choose to have SnapStream assume their support and will also have the option to extend support allowing additional time to transition to an alternative.

Am I required to purchase SnapStream?
No, customers are in no way required or obligated to become SnapStream customers.

How long will Volicon Observer support be provided by SnapStream?
For Volicon customers with active Verizon support contracts, SnapStream will provide you with support through the current term of your agreement.

SnapStream is offering extended support through June 30, 2020. If you are interested in support beyond this, contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

How much does SnapStream's extended support cost?
In most cases, SnapStream will offer extended support to Volicon Observer customers at the same pricing set forth in their previous support contracts. Please contact SnapStream for information on pricing post-term.

What are SnapStream’s support hours?
SnapStream Support's hours of operation are listed our support page.

Does SnapStream provide on-site support?
Yes, SnapStream can provide on-site support to Volicon Observer customers for an additional fee. Please contact SnapStream (contact information above) to request on-site support.

How do I assign my Volicon Observer support contract to SnapStream?
Contact Verizon Digital Media Services at at (781) 221-7400 ext. 5.

How do I get support for my Volicon Observer product?
After you've assigned your support contract to SnapStream, visit SnapStream’s Volicon Support Center to obtain support.

Can I purchase support from SnapStream if I’m a Volicon Observer customer but don’t have an active support contract?
Yes, contact SnapStream (contact information above) to purchase an extended support for your Volicon product.

What is the deadline to assign my support contract and/or to purchase extended support with SnapStream?
The last day you can purchase support for your Volicon system from SnapStream is October 18, 2019.

What about support for international customers (outside of North America)?
SnapStream plans to offer support to all Volicon Observer customers with the same team and support coverage hours above.

Does SnapStream handle hardware repair and replacement on Volicon Observer hardware?
Yes, visit SnapStream’s Volicon Support Center for hardware related issues.

What about Volicon Observer software bug fixes?
The Volicon Observer product is end-of-life and Verizon Digital Media Services has no plans for continued development of Volicon Observer. SnapStream has not acquired the source code. But Verizon Digital Media Services is providing SnapStream with support for fixes to critical bug defects only and its discretion through June 30, 2020.

Can my current Volicon Observer hardware support SnapStream's software?
There are no plans to have the SnapStream software run on Volicon hardware.

When will the support transition from Volicon to SnapStream occur?
The transition for support is currently underway. The deadline for opting into a support transition from Volicon to SnapStream is October 18, 2019.

Do you provide per incident support?
We can try to provide ad-hoc support as a good will gesture, but generally we don’t provide support outside of support contracts. Please get in touch.

I have a new system or software - will you be managing deployments and remote installs?
No, Verizon Digital Media Services will finish all deployments and installations with SnapStream offering support moving forward.

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Press release:

SnapStream and Verizon Digital Media Services reach agreement over end-of-life Volicon product (April 4, 2019)

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