Feature Friday: Jason Baumeister


Raise your hands if you think SnapStream is the best! 


Yay, it’s Feature Friday! Meet Jason, who has been with us for 15 years:

How did you find SnapStream?

I had purchased Beyond TV and Beyond Media software to use at home and built my own DVR, which was pretty cutting edge for 2005. I was still in college at the time and started working on plugins for Beyond Media. The most popular plugin was the DVD Library, which was where you could rip your movies to your local hard drives and you get a Netflix-like experience. As I worked on plugins in my free time, someone at SnapStream reached out and asked if I had a resume and wanted to interview to work there, so I did!

What is your role here?

Chief Architect 

How have you grown with SnapStream?

I’ve been here for 15 years, so it’s probably easier to answer how I haven’t grown! A week after college graduation, I moved across the country with everything I owned in a van to work at SnapStream. I’ve spent almost my entire adult life growing up with SnapStream and it’s the first place that I became a part of a team. I started by working on interesting portions of Beyond TV, then helped grow the development team and work on all the fun stuff that it takes to transition from a consumer software company into B2B products. My whole career has been growing alongside SnapStream.

What is your favorite thing about SnapStream?

Growth and change, there’s always that next new problem to figure out. We have customers who see us for our technical expertise and will ask us to help them solve whatever issues they are having. It’s brought us through some interesting directions at different points in time. Instead of just giving a standard answer with requirements, we brainstorm with both our and the customer’s team. We’re always about finding creative solutions.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at SnapStream?

Nowadays, it’s primarily family time. We love going to Disney and we were actually there two days before it shut down for COVID-19. We also enjoy the beach, my two daughters love swimming and dancing. We’ve been going on a lot of bike rides since quarantine began.